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Bigmo vs budgeting apps

7 ways we’ll knock your socks off

Prasanna Aug 18

How is bigmo different to other money saving apps?

We’re tired of seeing you fall short of your potential. We want you to end the year with your swag bags full, ready to take that trip to Japan or (dare we say it?) buy your first house.

That’s why we invented bigmo, a goal fulfilment product.

We start with aspirations, and end with goals fulfilled.
Most money saving apps like saving pots and other automated solutions are designed to help you save small amounts of money, making your day to day life more manageable. For that, they’re great.

But what about your long term plans? How do you gather up the gusto to make a real impact on your life? And how can bigmo help?

1. It’s all in the game

Saving’s boring, but we like to keep it light. It’s pretty tricky to make fin-tech fun, but you know what is exciting?


With mini games, daily updates, streaks, leader boards and monthly auctions, we’re making saving one of the brighter parts of life.

Enticing notifications, brilliant colours and vibrant soundtracks give us little hits of dopamine, which is how we pick up habits. So we thought, why not use this for good? We’ve found a way to replace the dopamine hits that we get from spending, by saving.

Other apps use the psychology behind gaming addiction to design sounds and colours that keep users hooked on their app. This is great to draw you in, but they don’t keep up the motivation so well.

We’ve inverted this psychology and advanced it, to create a fun and clearly structured gaming system that continues to grip you daily so you really latch onto your goals. The more you save, the better the games. Simple, but effective.

9 out of 10 apps reward you when you spend your money.
2. You keep hold of your money

While other apps expect you to move all your savings into their accounts, bigmo simply requests consent to link to your current accounts, to get read only access to your account information.

No alarm bells ringing, just a secure, hassle free way to manage your money.

We support with all major UK accounts.
3. We look at the big picture

Other money saving apps (pots and automated saving products) are designed for short term saving goals, to make your day to day like easier. What they don’t do, is power you to commit to your bigger picture goals, where you need to save large amounts of money to fulfil your ambitions.

These long term goals require will power and commitment. bigmo feeds you the fuel to develop this within yourself.

4. You’re your own boss

The automatic systems of other money savings apps might seem like a nice easy option for short term saving goals, but they aren’t designed to teach you how to manage your finances yourself.

You’re the boss, right

We know you want control over your life, so we don’t make any transfers on your behalf. It’s up to you to make the move, so you can genuinely improve your own financial discipline.

5. Challenges are personalised

We won’t get anywhere if our heart’s not in it. That’s why bigmo sets your goals based on your own income and necessary expenses.

Personalised challenges keep you accountable and, in turn, pull your goals closer to you. We’re all individuals after all.

6. We wine and dine you (’cos you deserve it)

When you consistently maintain your goals, you become eligible for mini games. In these, you win prizes made up mostly of Bidz, a virtual currency (we whip the cash when we can, too).

Bidz can be used to purchase goods of popular demand in our auctions. We go the extra mile to find the perfect products for our auctions, so you know your prizes are worthwhile.

7. No pain no gain, right?

Treats are great, but we don’t all respond to positive reinforcement. We’ve pulled on our big boy boots to make sure you stick to your guns.

If you don’t hit your savings margin, your rewards are knocked down. The less you save, the smaller the reward. Easy peasy.

Try bigmo today, for free!