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Prasanna Aug 18

Just like going to the gym, we know that saving for long term goals isn’t quite as easy as it sounds. It just doesn’t bring us instant joy, the way spending does.

The challenge with meeting all these longer term goals is that the outcomes are so far down the road that the finish line feels out of reach.

Not only that, but who doesn’t fancy a hot cheesy pizza delivered to your doorstep after a long day? It’s so easy to click and spend that most us fall in the trap, and we inadvertently kick our plans under the carpet.

bigmo is here to help.

1 in 5 UK adults have less than £100 in savings.
We can help you if:

- You’re thinking seriously about your big moments (a new car, a house, your dream could be committing to higher education, planning your wedding or even your retirement.)
- You’re on a salary

- You want to do better for yourself

What's our solution?

Simply put, bigmo is an app that offers a personalised savings challenge, helping you save for your big moments.

Through a novel gamified system of rewards and consequences, the app motivates you to be disciplined with your spending so you can reach your savings goals faster.

What does the challenge expect you to save?

Your DSA is your discretionary spending allowance, or, what’s left over after paying for you mandatory expenses. You’re simply expected to save 50% of your DSA each month. Imagine how far that could get you.

There’s also a minimum saving requirement of £200/month.

How does it work?

bigmo requests consent to read-only information in your accounts. We don’t touch your money. That’s up to you. Think of bigmo as a savings mentor, rather than a manager.

We use auctions, leader boards, streaks and monthly challenges, guiding you on your mission to achieve you long term financial goals.

Our algorithm tracks your spending weekly, nudging you with in depth insights and tips so you can improve your spending and develop healthy saving habits. Sounds good, right? It gets better.

As you keep up the good work, you become eligible to play weekly mini games. By playing the games, you get a chance to win a mixture of virtual currencies and cash, keeping you committed and more motivated to meet your goals.The rewards get bigger and better the more you save.

Games aside, what’s so great about bigmo?

- The feel good factor that you’re on a mission to achieving your goals and the feel good factor as you build up wealth.

- bigmo offers unique spending / saving insights and nudges to help you stay on track with your commitments.

- The accountability you get by participating in a challenge that’s suited to you.

- bigmo takes rewards for saving money to a whole new level. You earn virtual currencies the more disciplined you are and you use it to gain exclusive rewards through bigmo auctions.

Depending on availability, you could also win other rewards including cash through weekly in-app games.

What's the catch?

There isn’t one! It’s free for early users like you. We’re funding the initial rewards from our own budget.

Remember that using bigmo is always your choice. If you don't feel it’s right for you, you can always opt out. We won’t take it personally. Promise.