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A day late and a dollar short

How to break the spending cycle (for good!)

Prasanna Aug 18

A new year! Good riddance to that last one, hey? You’ve got your eyes focused on the goal ahead - a new car, your first house, that trip around the world you’ve always dreamed of. Whatever it is, this year, you’re going to make it.

So how do you get there?

If you’ve tried year in, year out to make the changes, don’t worry. We all do the same. Why is that?

For a start, the finish line is so far ahead, it can drift out of sight as the year goes on. It’s tricky to stay focused when saving seems pretty...well, boring, and there are so many little things we can spend our money on in the present that make day to day life more exciting.

But those plans! Don’t get disheartened. You’ve got this. Let’s have a look at what we can do to make sure you reach your potential.

Goals - cut ‘em down!

Cutting your goals down into manageable, time-bound chunks clears the daunting fog. Short term challenges provide you with direction. Short term challenges provide us with intention, driving up our motivation in all aspects of life.

We start building positive habits, ramping up our productivity and self esteem. Habits are just motions that we follow through instinctively and, naturally, they take a long time to form.

Take a 15-30 day challenge to get into the swing of things. You’ll see that you start respecting your commitments and portioning your time better. This makes you more accountable in work, in relationships and in all your promises to yourself. That’s because they provide us with intention, driving up our motivation in all aspects of lif

“One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

You might not be lining up a moon landing or breaking the sound barrier (if you are, good on you!), but your little wins are humongous steps to crossing that finish line with your trophy in hand.

Challenges make you more accountable
Measure your progress

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Keep the excitement brewing by marking down your progress and referring back to it whenever you feel a plateau in your performance.

Make sure to clearly note your start point (including your thoughts and feelings) and a defined goal. Every time you reach a milestone, however small, make note of this too. Reading this back will keep you on the up.

Treat yourself

In building habits, we’re inclined to choose intensely rewarding activities over the more mundane. If you can think of ways to treat yourself for achieving your short term goals, you’re onto a winner.

It goes without saying, remember to reward yourself in healthy ways that keep you on track.

For example, if you’re aiming to run 5k in one go and you’ve just hit the 3k mark, why not treat yourself to a back massage or an hour long session with a trainer?

If you’re trying to save money and you’ve achieved your goal for the month, have a day off the housework and run yourself a hot bath, cook a beautiful meal and bask in your success!

The higher the milestone, the bigger the treat. Simple.
Eyes on the prize

Remind yourself of your end goal. Stick up a photo or post-it note somewhere you go every day. Keep checking in on it, spend time being mindful about your intention, and see your motivation and momentum accumulate.

Does saving still seem tricky? bigmo can help

In this day and age, finances can easily pull our ambitions out of sight. Spending money on short term pleasures is more attractive and easier to do than achieving long term saving goals.

That’s why we’ve built and designed bigmo - a mobile app that sets you on a mission with a unique spending/saving challenge. It’s personalised for you with a novel system of rewards and consequences. It keeps on pushing you week on week towards your goal. You do this all whilst enjoying your life and the journey.

Bigmo is super easy and simple to use. Within the app you set goals, link your bank accounts and participate in the bigmo challenge to set you up on your mission. When you maintain your financial discipline, you get to participate in weekly mini games that reward you with a mix of cash/virtual currencies. The more disciplined you are with your money, the bigger and better the game gets.

With streaks, leader boards, auctions and insights into your saving habits, you now have more reasons to save. No more falling into spending traps that hamper your progress.

At bigmo, we are on a mission to help you save for your big moments in 2022. Are you ready?

For you, an early user, bigmo is free. Try it now and cancel anytime, no strings attached.