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Spend wisely. Save more. Play, Win, Repeat.

Insights. Streaks. Games. Leaderboards. Rewards.

All the insights of a money app plus the power of a goal machine. Designed with a gamified system of rewards and consequences to help you reach your savings goals faster than ever before.

Rewards get bigger the better you perform.

Spend wisely. Save more. Play, Win, Repeat.

Super easy and fun to use.

How it works?

Bigmo incentivises you to spend carefully so you reach your savings goals faster.

  • How to Use - Step 1
    How to Use - Step 1

    Set savings goals

    What are you saving for? It might be a handbag, it might be a house. We'll help you set ambitious but achievable goals to work towards.

  • How to Use - Step 2
    How to Use - Step 2

    Link your bank

    We’ll monitor your transactions. No silly spending. We support all major current accounts & credit cards in the UK.

  • How to Use - Step 3
    How to Use - Step 3

    Challenge Yourself

    Personalized spending challenges so you’re focused on your goals. The more you engage, the better you’ll be rewarded.

~ 5 mins to get started

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  • How to Use - Step 4
    How to Use - Step 4

    Spend wisely

    Actionable insights, effective nudges, and engaging gamification. Assisted discipline to amplify your willpower. Let’s smash those goals.

  • How to Use - Step 5
    How to Use - Step 5

    Get Rewarded

    Qualify for weekly mini-games. Win rewards for your work. Save more to win more. Save big to win big.

  • How to Use - Step 6
    How to Use - Step 6

    Boost your wealth

    The better you perform, the more you save, and the sooner you smash your goals. Accelerate your wealth-building.

Get started with bigmo for free today

Power-packed with features

No gimmicks. Just the right tools you need to boost your finances.


We live in a world designed to rinse consumption, with endless ways to spend without thinking. Take up the bigmo challenge and stay accountable.


The feedback you need to motivate that momentum. Day-in, day-out discipline. How high can you fly?


Prize-winning games to influence your decisions. Stick to your goals to qualify and get rewarded.


At its core, bigmo is designed to reward you for saving. A mixture of virtual currencies, experiences and cash** are included.

** All rewards are subject to availability
Spending Insights

Sophisticated spending insights to gain useful understanding of your consumption. Reflect on your spending, manage your money, and save more.


Relative performance to fuel your momentum and challenge yourself further.

Goal Tracking

We start with your goals and end with them fulfilled. With dashboards and progress measurement, gain a clear view of how you’re faring with your targets.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Bigmo vision

    Our vision is to enable our users reach their big moments in life, without compromising on the lighter moments that matter.

  • How do I contribute / collaborate / invest?

    Please write to You could also try our business Whatsapp

  • How do I ask more questions?

    Please use our chat facility(bottom right) on this website. You could also try our business Whatsapp

  • I’ve tried a couple of money apps. What is unique about bigmo?

    Bigmo is all about big moments and all about helping you to reach your big moments. From the ground up we are designed as a goal setting and goal fulfilment product whilst combining other insights that you’d expect out of a money app. Bigmo leverages behavioural economics and game mechanics at the core to influence human behaviour towards rational financial decision making. Whilst other apps could help you to manage or track your money, we help you to manage your mind and be better with your money in a gamified way. We focus primarily on goals and achieving goals.

  • Can you give a quick intro on bigmo?

    Saving money is hard, boring and takes ages. No wonder 1 in 4 UK adults have less than £100 in savings. Bigmo (Short for Big moments) is on a mission to help users save more for their big moments in life. As a user you set goals, link your accounts and participate in a gamified competitive mission to fulfil your goals, where you compete with peers to achieve your goals. Each week as you are disciplined with your spending, you earn bidz which is our in-app virtual currency, participate in weekly mini games and live auctions to win exciting rewards every single week. The rewards get better the better you perform.

  • How does bigmo measure my discipline?

    You give consent to link your bank accounts securely with bigmo to allow read only access for bigmo. We track your spending and our algorithms work out how well you are performing with respect to your monthly goals.

  • Can I change my goals and targets after I’ve entered a monthly challenge?

    You could change your goals and targets, after you had entered a monthly challenge but that will be reflected in the next month challenge. Like any other challenge you can’t change the rules of the game after the challenge has started - sounds fair?

  • How does bigmo encourage me to save?

    Saving money for later isn’t as exciting as spending it today. At its core, bigmo is designed to help you spend within your limits and save more for tomorrow. Bigmo leverages behavioural economics and game mechanics to motivate you to be disciplined with your money.It’s a money app that doubles as a goal machine. When you download bigmo, you not only get the insights you expect in a money but all the power of a goal machine that propels you towards reaching your goals faster. A unique challenge led model coupled with comprehensive insights and incentives is expected to keep you motivated and helps you in achieving your goals faster.

  • Is there a minimum I’d need to save in the challenge?

    Yes. As this is a challenge, bigmo sets you up for ambitious but achievable goals. The minimum for the challenge is 50% of your discretionary spending allowance. So let’s say you earn £3000 a month and £1500 are your fixed expense(rent/mortgage, utilities etc), then bigmo expects you to save £750 to be eligible for the big rewards. Remember, there is still a tolerance limit you can set which should give you a further cushion.

  • What are bidz?

    Bidz is our in-app virtual currency created within bigmo and rewarded to you based on your spending discipline as measured by bigmo. Bidz don’t have any monetary value inside or outside of bigmo. Bidz is a measure of your financial resilience and can be used to bid in auctions to win exciting rewards.

  • If I am not comfortable with bigmo, Can I opt-out?

    For some reasons you decide it’s not working you can delete and opt out of bigmo anytime. Deleting will also disconnect from your bank accounts

  • Do I need to pay to use bigmo now?

    At present, you could start using bigmo without a fee. In the future, we plan to introduce a "small" monthly subscription fee, which is also completely opt-in.

  • Will there be a free tier?

    We plan to have a free tier with basic features

  • Can I win cash?

    No, there are no guarantees for any cash rewards and we don’t make any assurances. Our designers and product leads are constantly thinking about making this fun and rewarding for you and the business

  • What are the different types of rewards?

    Bigmo offers different types of rewards - virtual currencies, cash and experiences based on availability

  • Are rewards guaranteed if I perform?

    Virtual currencies are guaranteed based on performance. However cash and other rewards are subject to availability and are not guaranteed.

  • Is Bigmo secure?

    bigmo is regulated by FCA(Financial conduct authority). We use secure Open banking technology, recommended and trusted by banks. We ensure bank grade security and your security and privacy wouldn’t be compromised at the cost of running the business.

  • Are my savings safe?

    Losing or increasing your savings is entirely within your control. Your savings will be within your existing accounts held within your existing financial institution- we don’t move any money out. bigmo just has access to your account and transaction information and can’t perform any payment or transfer transactions on your accounts or savings.

  • Can’t some users game the system?

    bigmo has rules inbuilt to spot such cases. By integrating with users bank accounts and analysing their financial position, we can spot people trying to game the system. Such users will have a low chance of entering the challenge and also a low chance of winning rewards. This way the system remains fair for all.

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