bigmo Competition Terms and Conditions

Who are bigmo and what do we do?
bigmo stands for Big Moments For reaching your Big moments, you need big money and big momentum. bigmo aims to offer these and enables you to reach your financial goals. bigmo is based on research proven from the field of behavioural economics and game mechanics.

Below listed is how the competition works:

1) bigmo sets up a series of monthly pay to enter competitions that challenges users to reach their goals and in the process enables some users to win the rewards.
2) Currently there are 3 entry fee slabs - £50, £100, £125. These are the possible entry fee to enter the challenges each month. The rewards are based on the chosen slabs and performance of the users.
3) Money will be debited for each month using a Direct debit facility that is setup at the start, during the bigmo registration.
4) Users will be able to opt out of bigmo challenges at any point, following the current monthly cycle by cancelling.
5) The monthly competition operate over a period of 1 month and monthly rewards are based on the performance during the month, on the users ability to reach their monthly spending/saving goals target.
6) Some users who participate in the monthly competition could win rewards that are less than the money they paid to enter the competition.
7) Some people could lose the money they paid to enter the competition.
8) bigmo also acts as your coach during these challenges nudging you away from pesky spending traps and propelling you towards your big moments.

Terms and Conditions of the bigmo competition:

1. The rules of the competition are determined and governed by bigmo. The rules of the competition could be changed as bigmo thinks relevant for the success of its user base. In such a case, bigmo would notify you to get your consent, before you are progressed to the next month competition.
2. bigmo expects its users to connect all spending and income accounts securely through open banking. This would enable bigmo to get a holistic view of the users finances and help its users to succeed in their competition.
3. bigmo doesn’t guarantee winning in the competitions. The challenges are set in a manner that it is neither easy nor extremely difficult to win the competitions.
4. bigmo and Big Picture Labs Ltd has the final say on he decision of winners and other users that get rewards. The winner determination are driven by the rules determining their eligibility agreed at the start of the cycle and is always transparent to the user through the mobile app.
5. The prize money for the competition could change. If changed, bigmo would notify you to get your consent, before you are progressed to the next month competition. In such a case, the prize money already agreed for the current month competition wouldn’t be impacted.
6. bigmo could terminate a competition or the entire service with or without prior notice. In such cases, the latest entry fee collected will be paid back to the users. bigmo would also cancel existing Direct debits if this situation arises.